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Upminster the Story of a Garden Suburb

ISBN 0 9529359 0 2

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By: Tony Benton with Albert Parish            

  • Author's preface
  • Introduction
  • The coming of the railways
  • Lanes of elm and oak
  • A village at war: Upminster 1914-18
  • Homes fit for heros: Upminster in the 1920s
  • Great Gaynes ... but also many losses: Upminster in the 1930s
  • Hitler -v- Upminster: the 1939-45 war
  • Station road and its traders: east side
  • Station road and its traders: west side
  • Church and chapel: religious life in Upminster
  • Slates, strokes and pot hooks : Upminster school days
  • Upminster survivals
  • Chronology of Upminster
  • Bibliographical notes
  • Index

Tony Benton and Joan Parish 1996

(Published on the internet with kind permission from Tony Benton)

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