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Front Lane

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Looking north up Front Lane from the junction with St Mary's Lane, late 1930s. The manor house and church were located away from the main village. Front Lane, or Cranham Lane, as it was formerly called, was the main route to the rectory and village.

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Looking towards Cranham village from the bridge over the main London-Southend railway line in the 1920s. The main settlement was around the junction of Front Lane and Moor Lane, formerly called Cranham Back Lane. Front lane and Back lane join again in the north of the parish and continue northwards towards Great Warley.

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Further northwards up Front Lane, Cranham. A number of cottages and smallholdings had developed along Front Lane. Although much land in Cranham formed part of the Benyon estate this was mainly in the south and east of the parish rather than in the west around Front Lane.

By: Tony Benton

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