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Corbets Tey

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A peaceful scene in Corbets Tey Road in the first decade of this century. Corbets Tey Road ran southwards from Bell Corner for about a mile, passing mainly through lands belonging to the manor of Gaynes. There were two terraces of cottages, one terrace of seven, with long gardens standing back from the road, and another of ten shown here which stood opposite the recreation ground. After years of speculation about their fate they were sold and demolished in 1938 and the site was developed for shops, including Woolworths.

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Looking north towards the Bell Inn, c. 1930. In 1929 the Upminster Parish Council finally bought the 18-acre glebelands fronting Corbets Tey Road, south of St Laurence's Church, preserving this site as a place of recreation for the people of Upminster.

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Post Office Cottages, built in 1780, were the older of the two terraces on Corbets Tey Road. The name reflected the fact that Upminster's first village post office, kept by Miss Emma Lee, was located in the cottage at the north end of the row. Miss Lee died in 1898, three years after here retirement.

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Corbets Tey Road, early 1930s. After the sale by auction or private treaty of much of the Gaynes Park Estate in 1929, the modern development of Corbets Tey Road got underway, spreading southwards away from the village.

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How delightfully rural Corbets Tey Road seems in the late 1920s! Yet, within a few years, the work of the estate development companies would be in full swing and by the late 1930s much of the road, virtually to Corbets Tey, along with the adjoining land, had been given over to housing.

By: Tony Benton

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