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Upminster Station

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Upminster station in the mid-1930s. This was rebuilt in 1932 when the electrified District line service was extended to Upminster from Barking, after two years' construction. A quarterly season ticket to Fenchurch Street could still be bought for 3 13s 3d.

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Upminster station looking west, 1906. The push-pull train to Romford can be seen just outside the platform. The entrance to the original station, opened on 1 May 1885, was via the station approach and there was a subway faced with white glazed bricks connecting the station platforms.

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Trains operating on the London, Tilbury & Southend Line route were named after the places through which the line passed. Although the line did not have a station at Cranham an engine was still named after the parish.

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Upminster Station 1885

By: Tony Benton

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