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Members of the Talbot family outside A.E.Talbot & Sons premises in 1931. Talbot's, originally set up as a wheelwright's in the early years of the garden suburb, still remains a family business. Already, by the time this photograph was taken, cycles, petrol and cars could be bought from this Station Road business.

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By the early 1950s Talbot's premises had expanded to include the adjacent Victorian semi-detached house. This had formerly been occupied by the Cadecourt family who had operated a business from this address incorperating plumbers, glaziers, decorators and gas-fitters.

Albert Edward Talbot (1880-1963) started his wheelwright's business in Station Road before the First World War. His sons, Albert, leonard, Walter and the last owner, Malcolm, all joined him in the business, which traded at 22 and 24 Station Road as A.E. Talbot & Sons.

By: Tony Benton

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