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Hoppey Hall

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A traveller rests outside the gates of Hoppey Hall on Corbets Tey Road. This road frontage was sold when the Gaynes Park Estate was broken up in 1929 and within afew years parades of shops had bee built either side of the junction with the new Stewart Avenue.

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Hoppey Hall, dating at least to the seventeenth century, survived the initial stage of the development of the Gaynes Park Estate as it had been bought in 1929 by its occupier, George Eve. Sold in 1938 to Alexander MacGregor, one of the main local builders at that time, Hoppey Hall was finally demolished in January 1939 and its site is now a post office, sorting depot, petrol station and car park. The spelling was variously 'Hoppea' or 'Hoppy', but not usually 'Hoppe' as shown.

By: Tony Benton

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