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Aggiss' Garage

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Aggiss' garage at the southern end of Station Road was established by William Aggiss on land to the rear of Locksley Villas and The Chestnuts, two houses of which stood back from the road opposite the church. Henry Aggiss (183-1950) extended the range of services from the original carriers and cab hire to cover haulage, removals, motor engineering and petrol sales.

Waiting for the carnival to pass, outside Aggiss' garage in the late 1940s. Although these premises, which accomodated Aggss' Chestnuts Garage until 1980, no longer sell petrol they are still associated with the motor trade, being occupied by Tyne Tees Cars.

Henry Aggiss, the driver of this carriage, was the son of William Aggiss. His father was formerly a coachman before starting up business in about 1890, hiring out horses, carts and cabs. It was Henry who, after the First World War, expanded the business at the Chestnuts and concentrated more on motor sales and engineering than haulage, removals and related services.

By: Tony Benton

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