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TONY FOX, pharmaceutical physician and amateur local historian.  Currently lives near San Diego, but usually in the Cranham and Upminster area at least once a year.  Born 1956 in Cranham.  Attended the nursery school at Boyd Hall, and then Oglethorpe Primary School (1961-7), where significant teachers were  Mr.Webster and Miss Jones; under tutelage of the latter, at age 8, his interest in local history is first documented in writing, albeit restricted to copying some material found in the History of Upminster booklets, adorned with a crude map locating many of the old buildings. Still possesses the booklet on the history of the London Borough of Havering distributed in 1965 when Oglethorpe School ceased to be an Essex institution (Cranham got just four lines and that offended him !). 

Then Hornchurch Grammar School (1967-73) converting to The Wych Elm School during 1973-4;  significant teachers: Headmaster Mr.Fowler, Messrs. Bayliss, Hunt, Hopkinson, Walker, and Mrs.Ashton (who taught him how he did not want to approach the study of history ! ). Next, trained at London Hospital Medical College (in sunny Whitechapel) 1974-80; he also began trawling the Essex Record Office during this era.  Houseman at The London (now The Royal London), and Harold Wood Hospitals, returning to the latter 1982-3 as a Casualty Officer.  Two years at Emory University, Atlanta (1981-2 courtesy of Rotary International and 1983-4) enabled investigation of General Oglethorpe's colony, inspections of Fort Frederica, Savannah, etc.  Found out where Port Royal was, having been in that house at Oglethorpe School ! 

Then three years at Harvard Medical School, Boston (1984-7).  Since then, various positions applying his training in medicine and pharmacology to the development, regulation and investigation of drugs in human beings.  Professional interests in opioids, migraine, receptor systems and patents relating to drugs. 

Jeff Kelsey, a lifelong friend, has been able to create (and himself add to) a website based on Tony's collection of materials on the history of Cranham. Tony is always interested in learning more about Cranham history, and hopes that a paper version of this project can be published not too far in the future.  Tony is also branching out a bit now to include Upminster and Essex history, in a
limited way, with some comparative Tithe Map research and landscape studies. 

Tony married Carola Schropp, of Neckarsulm, Baden-Wurttemburg in 1988;  they have no children.

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