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Field Marshall Sir Eveleyn Wood VC

Born 1838, and joined the Army as a subaltern 1859.  During an hiatus from military service, called to the Bar at the Middle Temple 1874.  With increasing Victorian military needs, returned to the Army, eventually becoming Colonel of the 5th Battallion Essex Regiment, Commanding Officer of the Colchester Garrison 1886-1888, and Commanding Officer at Aldershot 1888-1893.   Earned his Victoria Cross at Sebastopol, when, as a junior officer, he was wounded while ladder-scaling at the Redan.  Was also decorated for distinguished servive in the Ashantee, Indian Mutiny and Zulu Wars.  Married the Hon. Mary Paulina Sothwell in 1867; she was the sister of the 4th Viscount Southwell, and they had two sons, one becoming Revd. Sir John Page Wood (Baronet), Vicar of Cressing and St.Peter's, Cornhill, in London.  Sir Eveleyn Wood retired from the Army with the rank of Field Marshall in 1894.  Thereafter he lived in Upminster, and during his "retirement" became a Justice of the Peace on the Brentwood bench, and later was appointed H.M. Deputy Lieutenant for Essex.  Field Marshall Sir Evelyn Wood died in 1919.

By: Tony Fox

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