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  • 1543: Ralph Latham buys Upminster Hall and Gaynes Manor
  • 1557: William Latham (son of Ralph) inherits Gaynes
  • 1587: Gaynes purchased by Gerard Dewes
  • 1592: Paul Dewes inherits Gaynes from his father
  • 1593: Paul Dewes sells Gaynes back to William Latham (? son of William of 1557) (who was probably his sister's husband).
  • 1612: Gaynes inherited by Ralph, son of William Latham
  • 1641: Gaynes Manor mortgaged, Upminster Hall Sold

Ralph Latham bought Upminster hall in 1543. Nicholas Wayte died in 1543, and Gaynes Manor was inherited by John Pyke (then described as of 1000 acres) and was almost immediately sold to Ralph Latham, a London goldsmith. There was little else to invest one's money in at that date, and the wealthy London merchant often developed country estates.

"The unification of the two principal manors in Upminster thus occurred in the mid--sixteenth century.  This was the era of monastic dissolution, and it is likely that Upminster Hall would have been sold sooner rather than later.  It is a matter of interesting speculation whether two independent manors or one
unified operation was to be the best for Upminster's development.  certainly, in the sixteenth century, no economy of scale is likely to have been achgieved because these were two relatively large manors in an highly productive agricultural area."

By: Tony Fox


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