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The Branfill Family

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The Branfill family first owned property in Upminster in 1683.  The family had shipping and marine merchant interests, and was well-established in London.  They did well, and like many successful London merchants, probably wished to invest in land, and preferably land near London.   Similar examples of 17th century nouveau riche purchasing southern Essex manors at about this time are widespread.  In the case of Upminster, the former manor of Upminster Hall was seen as easily separable from Gaynes (the two having been amalgamated under  Ralph Latham.  However, the Lordship of the Manor remained with the holders of Gaynes (see  Esdaile) who were to set themselves up at New Place a short time in the future.   Some geneaology of the Branfill family is as follows:


  • Captain Andrew Branfil (d.1709) purchased Upminster Hall in 1685.
  • Champion Branfil (1683-1738) inherited Upminster Hall, at the age of 26 in 1709. In 1736 he was High Sheriff of Essex.
  • Champion Branfil (1712-1770) Barrister, inherited from his father in 1738
  • Champion Branfil (1764-1792)
  • Champion Edward Branfil (1789-1844) inherited the estate from his father at the age of three.
  • Ann Eliza Branfil (d.1873) suceeded from her husband Shampion Edward.
  • Col. Benjamin Aylett Branfil 2nd son of Ann Eliza inherited in 1873
  • Champion Andrew Branfil grandson of Col. Benjamin

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