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  • Thames Chase Community Forest
  • Millennium Wood - (North Upminster) Between Front Lane and Bird Lane
  • Upminster Golf Course (Private) - (North Upminster) Access from Hall Lane
  • Upminster Hall Playing Fields - (North Upminster) Access: Hall Lane, Holden Way, Esdaile Gardens, Marlborough Gardens, Crouch Valley, The Leas, Tees Close, Chelmer Road.
  • Upminster Park - (Central Upminster) Between Corbets Tey Road & St Mary's Lane
  • Clockhouse (Duck Pond) - (Central Upminster) Access: St Mary's Lane
  • Parklands (Fishing lake} - (South Upminster) Between Park Farm Road & Corbets Tey Road
  • Nature Reserve (Cranham Marsh) - (South Upminster) Access: Huntsman Drive, Argyle Gardens, Park Drive, The Chase, Pike Lane, Ockendon Road
    • Spring Wood
    • Middle Wood
    • Bonus Wood
  • Cranham Playing Fields (The Brick Fields) - (Cranham) Access: Laburnham Close, Kerry Drive, St Mary's Lane and Moor Lane foot-paths.
    • Franks Wood
  • Little Gaynes Playing Field - (South West Upminster) Little Gaynes
  • Gaynes Parkway - (West Upminster) Access: Hornchurch Stadium, South View Drive Leading into:
    • Hacton Parkway
    • Sutton Parkway
    • Hornchurch County Park
  • Warwick Wood - (South Upminster) - Access: Warwick Lane
  • Belhus Woods Country Park (Lakes) - Access: Green Lane off of Sunnings Lane, Romford Road
    • Running Waters Wood
    • Little Brickkiln Wood

    Hall Lane Playing Fields


  • River Ingrebourne - Runs through West Upminster from North to South, through:
    • Upminster Golf Course
    • Crossing under St Mary's Lane hence the name Upminster Bridge and the naming of the Bridge House Pub.
    • Hornchurch Stadium (Which is actually in Upminster)
    • Gaynes Parkway, Hacton Parkway, Sutton Parkway, Hornchurch County Park, Rainham (Rainham Creek), The Thames
  • Running Water Brook
    • Runs from Belhus Woods Country Park
    • Rainham Marshes and in to the Thames
  • Parklands (Fishing lake) - (South Upminster)
  • Belhus Woods Country Park {Lakes}
  • Clockhouse {Duck Pond} - (East Central Upminster) - Access: St Mary's Lane
  • Stubbers - (South Upminster) Ockendon Road
    • Russel's Lake
    • Coys Lake

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